Undela 5.0

Scans drives and restores removed files
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Recover all types of deleted, lost or corrupted files from damaged or formatted disks, USB drives, digital camera cards or MP3 players by scanning the drive space and selecting the identified elements from the generated list. The utility works with documents, email, video, images, and music.

Undela is an application that can recover deleted files from any type of internal or external memory. It is a recovery tool which helps you get back photos, videos, documents, etc.
The application is able to scan, one at a time, the selected disk drives or removable devices. You can choose to look for specific file types by selecting them manually in the Options menu. The scanning process can be performed in three ways: simple scan, full scan, and advanced scan, depending on the range of time past since the file you want to recover was deleted. I tested the first type and it worked quite fast. I tried to do a full scan, but honestly I abandoned the idea because it was taken too long. However, I consider that speed depends very much on your computer system configuration.

I would recommend to extract the recovered files to another drive, because there is a risk to overwrite, and implicitly to lose them for good if you want to restore them to the same disk. The application gives you essential information of the recovered program, such as its name, date of creation, last modification, file size, and id.

I found the interface easy to work with. It provides large buttons, but it isn't customizable at all, you can't change anything to it.

Robert Vince
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  • Compressed files recovery supported
  • Preview deleted photos and text documents provided


  • No skins available
  • Dull interface
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